Presentation Tips – How to Look Great in Front of an Audience

Does this scenario sound familiar?

You’re preparing for a major presentation. You have your PowerPoint ready, you have your handouts ready, you have your important points lined up, in sum, you’re ready to ‘knock ‘em dead’ but that you think:

“What am I going to wear that will convey my power, strength and expertise?” You ask this question because you KNOW that it matters. What you wear and how you look are important to your success. You don’t have to like this fact but you have to work with it.

So, what will you wear? Here are some tips that will help you win with your presentation.

Wearing solid colors are better than prints. Solids are the most professional and sophisticated. Large prints can be distracting.

High color contrast is more interesting than monochromatic. Make sure you are wearing flattering colors.

Wear quality, polished shoes. People love to stare at them.

Have a flattering hairstyle that will not need constant fidgeting to stay in place. NO Hair- Acting™

Ladies, do wear appropriate makeup. The lighting (or lack there of) can be harsh and unflattering to naked skin. Men, a little powder will help with shiny skin.

Choose well -made garments over cheaper ones. You want to be perceived as the professional and successful expert that you are.

Don’t wear clothes that are too tight, too low cut or ill fitting thinking no one will notice

No big dangling earrings or any jewelry that will jingle jangle, crackle or pop. You don’t want the audience to fixate on anything outrageous you are wearing and not YOU and your message.

Your wardrobe should match the mood of the presentation you are trying to create. Formal business presentation wear neutral, conservative attire, lively monthly professional group add a bit of color

Check your appearance from ALL angles

Wrinkled clothes a BIG no-no

Don’t think that stain on your tie or skirt will not be noticed

Don’t forget to have manicured hands. They are often a focal point in your presentations

Always wear a big smile! Your best accessory
Lori Ann Robinson is an image,fashion and personal branding consultant, speaker, and 4 time Emmy nominated costume designer.

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