Spectacular Content Creation Tips – Presenting Your Content to Your Market

How To Present Your Content To Your Market

When you have created quality content to go on your website, you need to present your content to your market. Unfortunately, there are many website owners that don’t present their content in a way in which people will find appealing. When this happens, the visitor will leave. The first thing they do is scan the page. You have to make the scan look attractive so that they’ll read the content.

The Text

How the text is laid out has a lot to do with how people interpret your content when they scan it. Use such things as subheadings and make them interesting. This lets the reader know what is under that section.

You also want to use bullet points. The purpose of bullet points is so that the reader can see that there are some points laid out in an easy to read fashion. Reading content on the Internet is not like reading content in a book. It is a completely different monster.

Furthermore, you want to make sure paragraphs are short because reading the text on a screen can be quite daunting. The shorter the paragraphs, the easier the content is on the eyes.

The Layout

The layout of your page is going to play a major role in how readers interpret your content. If you have a lot of graphics going on, then the text could be confusing. If the text is constantly getting cut off by graphics and it continues elsewhere on the page, this can also make reading the content very confusing.

Keep in mind in the website design process that there is a place for graphics and there is a place for text. You want the page to be appealing and to have a lot of interesting and useful information on it, but you want it to be easy to understand. If a visitor comes to a site and thinks, “This is a mess,” then you can count on them leaving and looking at your competitor’s site.

If you need an idea of how to organize your website, you can look at the sites of your competitors and see how they are organizing their websites. You can also see how your competitors are ranking in search engines. If they are ranked more toward the top, they are getting more attention. Pay attention to these sites. Don’t duplicate their sites, but get an idea of what is working and then use your imagination to make your website unique.

The Tone

And don’t forget to give your content a friendly tone. As a matter of fact, the entire site should have a friendly tone so that visitors feel welcome and so that they remember there is a human being on the other side of that text. When people are reminded that there is a human on the other side of the text they are reading, they feel more connected.

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Making Sure You Pick the Right Valentines Day Present Using Photo Gifts

Personalising Gifts With Pictures

Adding pictures to items truly makes them personal. For a Valentines Day present, the most common use is to add a photo of the two of you together. This picture could have been taken professionally or by a family member or friend using a digital camera. It could even be a scanned copy of a wedding photo or a royalty free, stock photo. You really can pick exactly how the photo gift will be personalised in every single way and you can go as crazy or be as sensible as you like.

Adding Message Of Love With Text

As well as pictures, photos, and even designs you can add an extra element of customisation through the inclusion of a message or love. Many items are designed so that they can naturally include such a text message but the great beauty of all photo gifts is that it is you that controls the final design that is used in their creation so you can add text to any picture and have it printed on any of the photo gifts that are available.

Choosing The Right Photo Gift Item

There are many different gifts that can be personalised in this way and thanks to the addition of a personalised design you can be sure that the gift you choose will perfectly match the recipient and that they will really cherish the item you present them with this Valentines Day. Such items include canvas prints, photo bags, and photo calendars as well as even more unique items like photo puzzles, personalised aprons, and many more.

Canvas Prints

The canvas print is one of the most unique items you can give a person. A favourite picture is printed directly on to high quality canvas which is then stretched across a gallery grade frame. Spacers should be added to the reverse so that the picture will continue to look great without flaking, warping, or otherwise become disfigured or discoloured. You can even print a montage rather than a single image and you can add a text message to the back of the frame.

Photo Bags

Many different styles of bag can be personalised to include your design. Bags look especially good with the use of unique photo treatments. Pictures can be converted to black and white or sepia and a pop art reproduction can even be created using the picture that you include. Photo gifts are your opportunity to go wild and you can add text on top of the pictures or create a bag using nothing other than text.

The range of bags is equally expansive with handbags and make up bags joining shopping bags, carry alls, and even beach bags. A laptop bag can be personalised to make it the ideal gift for your partner if they’re reliant on laptop, work away from home, or travel with work on a regular basis.

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Birthday Presents For Men – The 3 Essential Things You Need Know

Whenever you buy a birthday presents for men in your life, you have to understand a few things. Firstly, that men and women are different. Buying birthday presents for women and birthday presents for men are two totally different sets of experiences. Right now, you want to know about presents for men, so I’ll let you in on a little secret…


Whenever you’re getting birthday presents for men, remember that testosterone drives many of the thoughts and desires that women don’t have.

So the number 1 thing for men that you have to remember – especially if you are a girlfriend, wife, or partner – is that it should be sex related. It’s just logical, trust me on this. Men think about sex something like every seven seconds, or every few minutes – depending on who you listen to. It’s hardwired into the nervous system. Now why not give them what they are always thinking about?

Things like toys, videos, teases, favours etc.

If you aren’t interested in sex related birthday presents for men, then consider the next tip.


Ok, we’re still going to tap into that testosterone that men have. The next thing you should consider when buying birthday presents for men are anything that makes them feel powerful. Now note the word “feel”. They don’t have to “be” powerful. Just feel powerful. Things like sky diving, go kart racing, paintball, surfing etc. These are action oriented things that would be great as birthday presents for men.

Even if your man isn’t actually going to partake in those activities, there is always the option of living those feelings out through other means. For example, through video games. The most popular games are violence based. They are destroying something, crashing, exploding, decimating cities etc. Get my drift? They make the person feel powerful.

Immortalizing Them

The next step along the line is being immortalized. This is a spill-over from “power” as it’s being recognized for being special, of being someone worthy of being remembered. Things such as trophies, jerseys, engravings, having their name recorded somewhere. This adds to their ego and feeling of power and being important. All this leads back to having a boatload of testosterone. A fun and cool example of this are customized figurines. They can be made to look just like your man in caricature, only in 3D! Every guy would love to have his own miniature of himself – it really does show how important they are. It’s also so personal!

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Top 3 Tips For Different Types Of Rally Tracks To Go For a Rally Driving Present

In the last 10 years there has been an explosion of fast Japanese road cars, and there are none more world famous than the rally bred Subaru Impreza (Scooby) famed by Colin Mcrae and Mitsubishi Evolution (evo) of Tommi Makkinen fame among others. There is a big UK tuning scene with these jap cars with plenty of track days, but there is NOTHING quite like getting them out off road and in the forest to thrash them hard which is what they were made for!

I was talking to an ex pro-drive mechanic the other day who took part in the recent Wales rally and that’s just what he said. “These drag and time attack cars are great fun but they’re a bit like a fairground ride, you want to rally or do 4 x 4ing off road for the full rally experience.”

You can go to a forest, which is full of gravel type stones, mud, tree roots and bushes that will really test your driving skills and make you a better driver. You can become a master of all trades whilst demonstrating supreme car control, power sliding round fast curvy roads and hand brake turning round hair pin bends!

You don’t have to necessarily go to a forest for this, it can be out in the open going over dust, gravel or tree bark type terrain or even on certain road rally courses. The rally driving present could be a 4 x 4 course (like simple Land Rovers with snorkels for example) where you get to go in deep water and slippy, slidy muddy incline banks, which is one of the best exercises for vehicle control. The 4 x 4′s also get to go on big ramps and obstacles including the bizarre “sea saw” where you get to drive up it and then it tips you forward before you drive safely slowly down it again!

Practising going side wards will make whoever gets bought the rally driving present a much more confident driver and much more safe should anything like that – heaven forbid – happen on the public road when the back end of your car loses grip. So the more off road and wet it is the more difficult and rewarding it will be, but you won’t be able to go quite as fast as on a road rally course, so do bear that in mind.

For more tips and how to choose that perfect driving present please click on this link: rally driving present, you’re going to love the tips and rally driving experience.

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A Simple Yet Powerful Tip to a More Effective PowerPoint Presentation

The fear of silence

For many of us who are not accustomed to public speaking, stage fright can get the better of us when we are tasked with making a presentation. And in our fear of presenting, we tend to ramble on and on without pausing. This happens because we are anxious. And this in turn causes us to speak faster and faster. Another reason why we speak so fast is because we are uncomfortable with even a second of silence. Silence has often been associated with ignorance and incompetence, and we do not wish to appear so. But do pause for a minute (second). By doing so, you allow your audience time to digest the information a bit at a time. Well-digested information stays in their system!

The school lecturer

Do you recall the lecturer in school that went on and on? I bet you can. The experience is somewhat like going to the fire hydrant for a sip of water. You are fact-blasted in the face. So it is the same with your audience. When you pause even for just 2 seconds, it gives the audience time to digest your points. You will also find that they develop a confidence in you when they can see that you are bold enough to hold their attention for those few moments. Each time you pause, you are also giving yourself time to think through your next point. Your audience will feel and appreciate that you are able to manage their attention and understand their needs. For your pauses to be even more effective, you should look your audience in the eye as if to say, “Are you with me so far?” By doing so, your presentation becomes a two-way traffic instead of one-man talking to himself.

Applying it to PowerPoint Presentation

So how do we apply this useful technique to your PowerPoint presentation? The same way. When you advance from one slide to the next, it is very important that you pause in between. The greater the amount of information on the new slide, the longer your pause should be. I have often tried this technique and it always works for me. Conversely, whenever I dive into a new slide without pausing, I find the audience is not with me. Why is this so? This happens because they are still grappling with the new information that is displayed on the screen. And if you, like many others out there, love to display your entire four pointers at one go, then you find yourself doing somersaults to draw back their attention. Remember, your must never display all your points at one go. It will be like that sip from a fire hydrant. Wet, overwhelming and unpleasant. Always use the “On-click” feature in PowerPoint’s animation section to hand hold your audience point by point. When you do this, they will walk away with a better understanding of your presentation. So there you go. Remember to make those pauses and give your audience a time to reflect.

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So What’s in a Presentation Title? 3 Reasons Why Your Presentation Title Needs Your Attention

A title can say a lot about your speech. And it can say a lot about you and your ability to speak on the selected subject. The title of your speech will be seized upon by your future audience. It might well be the only piece of information that they have about you before they actually hear you speaking. Their decision to listen might be made solely upon your title. It’s worth putting some time into its selection. There are 3 good reasons why your presentation title needs your attention.

1. So what’s in a title? It’s a promotional tool that helps you to build audience interest before you actually speak. Your title will convey enough information about your subject to whet the appetite of your audience to hear more. Stressing benefit and enlightenment — it’s a sound promotional device.

2. So what’s in a title? Your presentation title will also be used to introduce you to your audience. A conference organiser will reference your title when introducing you and noting your aptitude to speak on the subject. It’s a very useful means of introduction. Plus it’s a good device to demonstrate your subject aptitude.

3. So what’s in a title? It’s the easiest possible way to build up a good introduction to your presentation. When you want a powerful start to your speech your title will provide much of the clarity and vision you need. The first 90 seconds of your presentation are vital. When you need to make an impact with your audience. When you need to set the tone for the rest of your speech. Your title will give you all the hooks and links that you need to maximize this important stage.

So what’s in a title? Quite a lot really. It’s one of the most important tasks you have when planning your presentation. When you get it right your title acts as a promotional tool for your speech. It acts as a good introduction to you, the speaker. And it helps you to make a sound beginning to your presentation. It’s well worth the investment in time and effort to get all that right.

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Christmas Gift Ideas – How to Pick Up a Good Christmas Present

Christmas is a wonderful time filled with love and joy. Some of us cannot wait for it. This is also the time when we spend more, to make our love ones happy and give them wonderful Christmas presents. This is also very stressful time for some. Some people value the time spent on searching for the gifts. Sometimes we wait till the last possible moment when the queues in shops are long, nearly everything is sold out and the present you wanted to purchase few days ago has already gone. This year the Christmas fever has started long before the Christmas time. Christmas atmosphere is felt from the beginning of the November when shops marketing people decided to release the products and present. Maybe the next year we can welcome the Christmas in October and later in September. Why not, it is such a wonderful period that should last all the time.

The typical Christmas presents usually bought by us are perfumes, cosmetics, books and digital products such as TV’s or camera.

The good source of Christmas presents ideas is an internet where you can find almost anything. But should you actually buy anything? The person who you are giving the present to may be disappointed when gets something that she/he already has or that she/he won’t use in the future. What if your mother, father, sister, aunt all give you the perfume or the same cosmetic. Well you can always say thank you and you will be supplied for the next 3 or 4 years.

The idea behind the present is to buy something unexpected and something that the person will be using in the future. First, research what other family members plan to buy to that exact person. Then research what is the most wanted product that the person who will receive it would want to get. If this is not that expensive, you can buy it. But if this is little too expensive for you to buy, maybe you can share this present between other members of your family and you can all buy this one present to that person. She or he may be happier when receiving one present only, but the one that they actually wanted.

There are sites that provide the information about the Christmas presents ideas, some are very odd, some are very useful.

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Shipping Presents to Friends and Family Members Who Are Abroad

A lot of people have relatives who may live far away from them, quite often this can be relatives who have moved away for work purposes, emigrated or retired abroad. Whilst we may wish to see these family members more frequently it is often the case that our lives are too busy to take time to visit them or vice versa.

Luckily times such as birthdays or Christmas do not mean that we are unable to send presents to our loved ones that are living abroad. Parcel couriers are the perfect choice, even if you’ve left gift buying until the last minute. As long as you have packed your gift securely and sent it via a reliable courier service then your gift will arrive in good time for the recipient’s birthday or Christmas day.

Many more organised people will buy presents in advance and so sending them early can sometimes mean you can afford to choose a less immediate parcel delivery service which could sae you some money. The later you leave it the more you will have to spend in order to get the quicker express delivery services.

You should also consider how long parcels take to arrive in the country you are sending to, destinations in Western Europe such as France and Spain typically don’t take much more time than they do here in the UK but farther countries such as Australia or Canada can take a significant amount of time, especially if you are not using the higher-tiered services.

Whilst you may want your gifts to be sent as you would like to receive them in decorative wrapping paper this isn’t very durable for the long distance trip your parcel is going to have to embark on. You can still wrap your present as you would normally but perhaps placing this inside another sturdy box or mailing bag can help keep your present in good shape or at the very least disguise the fact that your parcel is a present.

As long as you make sure that you have chosen the right courier and the right service from them to get your present delivered on time then your recipient whether it is a friend or family member will get their present along with all their other presents on time. Remember also that the earlier you send it not only is it cheaper but you allow extra time in case the recipient isn’t home when the delivery agent attempts to deliver the present.

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How to Make an Effective Listing Presentation

A listing presentation is one of those things that every real estate agent has, yet it is also something that is different for each agent. Everyone agrees that these presentations are key to working with clients properly, but no one seems to share the same theory on what actually makes a listing presentation effective. But what exactly are the characteristics of a successful presentation?

To begin with, consider the purpose of the presentation. If your answer is, “get the listing,” you’re not thinking far enough along. Yes, you want to get the contract signed, but the ultimate outcomes that you are aiming for are 1. the trust of your client that you are the one who can best solve their problem, and 2. a sold house.

In order to convince the client that you can solve their problem, you have to start by identifying it. Of course, there is a nearly unlimited number of possible problems, but there is one variable that runs through them all: price. Therefore, be sure to keep price at the center of the discussion. After all, your ultimate outcome isn’t merely a listing; it’s a sold house!

In discussing these problems, it is key that you have the client agree with you on what the problem is. If you cannot agree on the problem – and a realistic price – then you are spinning your wheels. It is that simple. The elephant in the room will not go away if you just ignore it.

After agreeing on price, it is time to prove to the client that you are the real estate agent who can uniquely solve their problems. In doing so, please remember that your clients are not interested in hearing all about you. They are about what YOU can do for THEM. Ask lots of targeted questions; that way you will know exactly what services the client is looking for. If you are a good match for this listing, you should be able to give the client specific information and examples of why you are the right Realtor for the job.

This part of the listing presentation should go very quickly – in ten minutes or so. Ask lots of trial closure questions, such as “are there times when it is not convenient for the home to be shown?” or “do you prefer appointment only, or a is a lock box also acceptable?” After you’ve had a few “yes” answers, you can move on to “Do you feel that I can sell your home?” If they affirm, you’re ready to sign. If not, this is a chance to handle their concerns. There are an average of five to six customer refusals before a sale is made. If you are certain that this is a perfect client, don’t give up.

To summarize, an effective listing presentation is very focused and to-the-point. First, identify the problem that needs to be solved, then agree on that with the client. Then, you are ready to prove to the client that you are the real estate agent who can solve this problem. Keep it short, stay confident, and you are on your way to not just a listing, but also a sale!

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What’s the Difference Between Presenting, Training and Facilitating?

There are three primary forms of being in front of a group: presenting, training and facilitating. There is certainly an overlap in skill sets – such as dynamic delivery skills, a good stage presence, a high likeability level, the ability to “read” the audience. But while they are similar skills, they’re not interchangeable. It’s valuable to explore the differences among the three processes, so the trainer or presenter or facilitator knows how to accommodate the different situations.

Presenting: The objective is to present information in a dynamic, interesting way

Training: The objective is, using engaging delivery, to increase participants’ level of knowledge or skill

Facilitating: The objective is to manage the structure and focus of a team’s decision-making process


Presenting: Audience can be any size

Training: Number of participants varies, but it’s usually an average of 10 to 30

Facilitating: Team size is typically smaller, usually under ten


Presenting: Audience is there to receive information

Training: Participants are there to learn

Facilitating: Participants are team members who have a common goal


Presenting: Speech outline creates logical flow of presentation

Training: Course outline creates the learning structure

Facilitating: Agenda structures the flow of the meeting


Presenting: Presenter is a provider of information

Training: Trainer is a catalyst for learning

Facilitating: Facilitator manages dynamics of group-generated information


Presenting: Presenter primarily answers rather than asks questions

Training: Trainer asks questions to stimulate and evaluate learning

Facilitating: Facilitator uses questions to encourage individual involvement


Presenting: Visuals are used to present or clarify information

Training: Visual aids are used to illustrate learning points

Facilitating: Flip chart is used to record group’s ideas and input.


Presenting: Presenter communicates largely one way from presenter to audience

Training: Trainer uses involvement so participants can learn from others and retain interest

Facilitating: Facilitator manages the process of communication that takes place among team members

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