How your customers can prepare their HVAC systems for a bad storm

After last week’s extreme weather, 1.4 million homes in the UK were left without power and some without water. The three storms that hit the country caused chaos as homes were damaged, rail and air travel services were suspended, schools shut down, and roads and bridges closed due to heavy snow and damaging winds. The country is still recovering from the effects of storms Dudley, Eunice, and Franklin, but there are no signs that the weather will let up, with warnings issued for high winds, snow, and flooding for the coming week.

As an HVAC expert, you can help customers prepare for bad weather and storms in the future. You can share your knowledge on HVAC safety, including how to prevent damage and keep HVAC units safe. Share these suggestions with your customers, so they’re ready the next time there’s a storm.

Turn off the system before the storm starts

When severe weather warnings are issued, customers must turn off their HVAC systems. If the HVAC unit is left on during a storm, flooding and lightning could cause electrical damage. Fortunately, the damage can be minimised if the system is turned off. If your customers are concerned about keeping their home as warm as possible without heating, recommend that they close their curtains to reduce heat loss through windows and doors.

Install HVAC surge protectors

As HVAC systems are expensive, your clients will want to protect theirs at all costs. Surge protectors can stop the damage from power surges caused by lightning. A surge protector provides a barrier between the HVAC unit and power surges. If lightning strikes the home or somewhere nearby, the device can stop a power surge from causing irreparable damage. They’re also a relatively inexpensive way to protect your HVAC system during a storm.

Cover and protect your outdoor units

Customers with outdoors HVAC units should protect them before a storm. They can cover their outdoor units with a plywood sheet to minimise damage from debris or rubble. If they have a garden, it would be wise to store or secure gardening equipment or outdoor furniture to stop the wind from blowing them away, potentially damaging the HVAC unit or other parts of the home. While outdoor HVAC units are designed to withstand rain, flooding can cause damage that only you’ll be able to fix. A cover over the outdoor unit won’t be enough to protect it from floodwaters, so advise them to elevate HVAC units if they live in a flood-prone area.

Invest in a generator

After the recent storms, many homes were left without power for several days, without knowledge of when the power would be restored. Encourage your customers to invest in generators so they can keep their homes warm and advise them to elevate the machine if flood warnings have been issued. If the generator gets wet, it may get damaged or cause electrocution. If a customer decides to use a generator and they’re not sure whether the HVAC system has been damaged, urge them to reach out to you for assistance.

Schedule inspections after the storm with HVAC Software

After a storm, you’ll need to inspect your customers’ HVAC systems to ensure they’re safe to use. If you’re expecting several customers to contact you for inspections, schedule as many appointments in advance as possible with HVAC Software. The software streamlines the job management process, as you can create and assign digital job cards to your technicians ahead of time. If a client has an emergency, you can create a new job and send the nearest available mobile worker to the job site.

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The Importance Of A Great Chef For A Restaurant

So, what makes a great chef? Is it their fancy chef coat and chef apron? Or something much more than that? What do they need to know in order to succeed in this challenging industry?

He or she is the most important person in a restaurant – they are responsible for the food that is served

The chef is one of the most important people in a restaurant; if not the most important. They are responsible for creating all of the food that is served, and it is their skills and knowledge that determine whether the restaurant is successful or not.

They are responsible for more than just the food that is served on the plate. They are also in charge of creating a menu, ordering ingredients, training staff, and overseeing kitchen operations. It is a lot of pressure, but if the they can handle it all and create great food, then the restaurant will be successful.

On the other hand, if the chef is not up to par or they don’t have the right skills for the job, then the restaurant will likely fail. The quality of the food is what customers judge a restaurant by most of the time, so it is essential that these professionals in the kitchen know how to cook delicious meals that will keep people coming back.

When a restaurant has a good chef, the owners also need to ensure that he or she stays with them. A great chef can be the difference between a successful restaurant and one that is struggling. So, if you are an owner, make sure you do everything you can to keep your chef happy and motivated, such as giving them quality uniforms like cook shirts, and providing them with incentives and good pay.

A great chef can make or break a restaurant; they must have culinary skills, creativity, and passion for their work

In order to be great in the kitchen, they must possess certain skills such as:

Culinary skills: this means he or she knows how to cook, and can create delicious dishes.
Creativity: they are not afraid to be creative in the kitchen, and will often come up with new recipes.
Passion for their work: a passion for cooking is essential; someone who loves their job will put more effort into creating amazing meals.
Leadership: be able to lead from the front and be a mentor to others.

A restaurant’s success or failure usually hinges on the quality of its food. If the food is good, people are likely to return; if it is bad, they are likely to avoid it. The person responsible for most of the food that goes out at a restaurant is the head of the kitchen.

They will put their heart and soul into their cooking, ensuring that customers enjoy every bite

Everyone who works in this industry are those with a passion for food and cooking, and when they work for a restaurant, they put their heart and soul into their work, always looking to create amazing meals for their guests. However, a great chef takes this passion one step further; they want to make sure that every customer who walks through the door enjoys their meal, and leaves happy and content.

This is why having a great cook in your restaurant is so important; because they can make or break your business. A bad one will produce food that is bland, boring and uninspiring, while a good one will take the time to learn about each individual guest’s tastes and preferences, ensuring that they have an amazing dining experience every time.

A great chef can take an average restaurant and turn it into a culinary masterpiece

The success stories we see in many restaurants are mainly attributed to the team that is working hard in the kitchen, and more often than not, the head of that team is the chef.

A master of the kitchen can elevate the food to new levels, creating dishes that are not only delicious but also beautiful to look at. This is what will set your restaurant apart from all the others and make diners want to come back time and time again.

It is important to find a talented individual who shares the same vision for the restaurant

When searching for a great master for your restaurant kitchen, it is important to find someone who shares the same vision as you. They should be able to create dishes that reflect your restaurant’s style and ethos, and they must also be able to work within your budget. Finding the right person for the job is not always easy, but it is well worth the effort. With a talented and dedicated professional at the helm, your restaurant will be on its way to culinary greatness.

When it comes to finding someone great for your restaurant kitchen, don’t settle for anything less than the best. A talented head chef can make all the difference in terms of success or failure, so take your time in finding someone who fits both your needs and your budget.

A great culinary artiste is essential for any restaurant. They are responsible for creating delicious food, training staff, and overseeing kitchen operations. If you want your restaurant to be successful, then make sure you have a talented and dedicated chef at the helm.

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Here’s 7 Reasons Why You Need to Choose a Mobile Car Mechanic

Most car owners tend to drive all the way to a workshop for their car maintenance needs. However, that’s the old way of doing things. Now, you can opt for a collection and delivery service from most workshops.

While that’s convenient, it’s not exactly touching the pinnacle. What we’re talking about is getting your car maintenance carried out at your doorstep. How do you get that? A mobile car mechanic.

That’s right. You no longer solely get the comfort of getting it finished at your doorstep, however you can additionally be current at some stage in the process. You can get different worries of yours sorted whilst bodily inspecting the work. We’re barely scratching the surface. There’s plenty more to getting a mobile car service. With that in mind, let’s jump right into the 7 reasons why you need to use a mobile car mechanic.Why are mobile mechanics cheaper than garages?Mobile car services have seen an uptick, with major car service providers like Service My Car, also adopting it. More often than not, you tend to get a better deal with a mobile car service. Affordable mobile car service options entail mobile car mechanics that carry all the vital tools that one might find in traditional garages. What’s surprising, however, is that mobile car services end up coming at a lower cost for a variety of reasons. Most companies that offer mobile car services save on the expensive costs of having a physical garage and all the heavy-duty equipment it entails. Moreover, without the need for constant supervision, the garages end up hiring experienced mobile car technicians who know what they are doing.Is a mobile mechanic trustworthy?

We’ve carried out extensive research by looking at existing mobile car service models, adopted by pioneers of mobile car servicing. The bottom line is that all car owners can trust mobile mechanics with their cars. However, there’s always a caveat. A lot of companies have been too quick to jump on the mobile servicing trend. As a result, they’ve overlooked all quality assurance procedures and hired unqualified and inexperienced mobile car technicians. As always, you’re advised to do your own research if you intend to try a mobile mechanic. At Service My Car, all our mechanics – in the garage and on the road – are constantly vetted and certified. We ensure that the service provided by our mobile mechanic remains to be of the highest standards.What are the Top 7 reasons to opt for mobile car servicing?1. Utmost convenience It should go without saying, but convenience is the most significant advantage of using a mobile mechanic. By using a mobile mechanic, you eliminate the need for driving to a garage or petrol station. Instead, the mobile mechanic comes to your doorstep to carry out whatever service you require. 2. More value with cheaper pricingWe’ve covered this already, but it’s a common misconception that mobile car services might cost more because of the added convenience. However, that’s not always true. In the case of mobile car services from Service My Car, you get competitive pricing that matches, if not beats, the pricing of other local garages.3. Personalised servicingAnother massive advantage with mobile servicing is that you get to meet and interact with the technician working on your car. At Service My Car, our team of affable and trusty mobile mechanics are not only highly qualified and experienced, but are friendly and personable too. We believe this ensures a sense of trust and security, which are vital characteristics of good service. 4. Service around your scheduleThere’s nothing better than getting stuff done around your schedule. Mobile car servicing takes a tedious task like car maintenance and embeds it entirely within your schedule. With Service My Car’s mobile car servicing, you get the freedom to choose when you want to get your car serviced. 5. A lesson in efficiencyGarages tend to work on a lot of cars at a time. As a result, you have to book a slot and wait for your vehicle to be serviced. In the case of mobile servicing with Service My Car, you get immediate work done. All the focus is placed on your car, ensuring efficiency and quality. If you decide to get best car service then you are contact to Honda Scanning & Diagnostic Service Dubai center.6. Quality assuranceAt Service My Car, our team of affable and trusty mobile mechanics are highly qualified and experienced. Moreover, the nature of mobile servicing allows car owners to be present on site. You can monitor, and interact with, your mobile mechanic, ensuring your satisfaction with the service. 7. It’s car service at your doorstepCar service would typically entail driving to the garage, or having a recovery truck take your car to one. Mobile servicing completely eliminates the need for either of those actions. By choosing a mobile car service at Service My Car, you get a car service done by a professional mobile mechanic at highly competitive prices, at your doorstep. Choose the best mobile car service this region has to offer

Don’t let car maintenance get in the way of a good day. Choose Service My Car’s mobile car service and get your car serviced around your schedule. Whether it’s a mobile oil change or a routine filter replacement, you can get it all done with our mobile mechanic.

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Presentation Tips – How to Look Great in Front of an Audience

Does this scenario sound familiar?

You’re preparing for a major presentation. You have your PowerPoint ready, you have your handouts ready, you have your important points lined up, in sum, you’re ready to ‘knock ‘em dead’ but that you think:

“What am I going to wear that will convey my power, strength and expertise?” You ask this question because you KNOW that it matters. What you wear and how you look are important to your success. You don’t have to like this fact but you have to work with it.

So, what will you wear? Here are some tips that will help you win with your presentation.

Wearing solid colors are better than prints. Solids are the most professional and sophisticated. Large prints can be distracting.

High color contrast is more interesting than monochromatic. Make sure you are wearing flattering colors.

Wear quality, polished shoes. People love to stare at them.

Have a flattering hairstyle that will not need constant fidgeting to stay in place. NO Hair- Acting™

Ladies, do wear appropriate makeup. The lighting (or lack there of) can be harsh and unflattering to naked skin. Men, a little powder will help with shiny skin.

Choose well -made garments over cheaper ones. You want to be perceived as the professional and successful expert that you are.

Don’t wear clothes that are too tight, too low cut or ill fitting thinking no one will notice

No big dangling earrings or any jewelry that will jingle jangle, crackle or pop. You don’t want the audience to fixate on anything outrageous you are wearing and not YOU and your message.

Your wardrobe should match the mood of the presentation you are trying to create. Formal business presentation wear neutral, conservative attire, lively monthly professional group add a bit of color

Check your appearance from ALL angles

Wrinkled clothes a BIG no-no

Don’t think that stain on your tie or skirt will not be noticed

Don’t forget to have manicured hands. They are often a focal point in your presentations

Always wear a big smile! Your best accessory
Lori Ann Robinson is an image,fashion and personal branding consultant, speaker, and 4 time Emmy nominated costume designer.

Looking for more image and fashion advice that will save you time AND money?

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Inexpensive Christmas Presents For Your Workmates

With the recession, many of us have had to tighten our budget at Christmas time. But this does not necessarily mean you have to shorten your Christmas list and axe your work colleagues from the list, instead opt for cheaper presents for your colleagues.

For the sweet toothed people at work, bake something delicious. Festive cookies are ideal as they last for ages and can easily be decorated. Moreover, flavors can be altered according to tastes, for instance a few favourites are choc-chip, double choc-chip, white choc-chip, coconut flavored, rum and raisin and oat cookies. No sweet toothed person could resist!

For the connoisseur of drinks, make your own drinks hamper by investing in a few bottle beers or mini drinks. Place them in a box and decorate with a bow or ribbon. This is a great present as it is well thought out and can be easily adapted to each person’s tastes, making it a more individual present.

A hamper of smelly delights are perfect for those girly girls. Combine soaps, perfumes, body scrubs and rich lotions for the body, or for the face, natural masks which can be home made; facial scrubs and moisturises.

For the book worm, look in small local bookshops for offers on books. Classics can often be found for as little as 2 pounds. Alternatively, sign them up for magazine subscription and purchase the first few issues. Subscriptions are a great way to give your work mate a present that is used beyond Christmas time!

For those who like a night in relaxing with a film, create a hamper of delicious delights. Bring out the kid in them, with popcorn, Haribo, crisps, tortilla chips and a bottle of their favourite fizzy drink! Why not add to the list, a rental voucher from a video rental store too.

Another option is to host a secret Santa at your office Christmas party, which will mean you will only have to buy a Christmas present for one person.

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Why Womens Pyjamas and Sleepwear Make an Excellent Present at Christmas Time

Christmas is an exciting time of year but it can sometimes be stressful when thinking of a nice present to buy that special woman in your life, be it a girlfriend or wife or maybe even something from the children to a mother. A great idea for Christmas is either womens pyjamas or womens dressing gowns. These two ideas will be sure to bring joy to the receiver and you can get some great pyjamas and dressing gowns in the shops at Christmas time.

A cold winter can bring up memories or vision of sitting indoors while the cold and dark is outside, keeping warm by the fire with warm drink or maybe a warming tipple all snuggle up in some lovely warm pyjamas and dressing gown. It’s also nice to be able to relax in some lovely sleepwear of an evening and is something some women don’t buy for themselves so the luxurious feeling of receiving them will create a warm feeling.

You can even combine presents to focus around this theme, such as if you are buying presents from yourself for your wife and then the children for their mother, you can create a whole luxury gift set including pyjamas, dressing gown, some bath smellies and candles so that the woman in your life can indulge and relax of an evening when the day is over. You can also enhance the gift with lovely wrapping paper and ribbon. This can also be a great way to get the children involved in choosing presents and helping wrap. There are a great range of womens pyjamas and to compliment a womens dressing gown in the stores online. So see the smile on their face when your special person opens this great present idea.

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How to Choose a Perfect Laser Pointer for Your Presentation

For people who need to do presentation frequently, laser pointer is considered an essential tool for them. This small device is applied especially when you need to get attention from the audience on some specific areas during a public presentation. Nowadays, everyone can afford to own a laser pointer. However, seriously speaking, getting a perfect pointer that suits your needs is a bit challenging. If you are in the midst of looking for a new laser pointer, this article may help you to make better decision.

Let me share with you some practical steps you should take so that you can get the best pointer to make your presentation perfect.

Step 1: Decide the color and power of the pointer

What color do you prefer during your presentation? In general, the most common colors for laser pointers are red, yellow, green and blue. Different colors produce different wavelengths. Blue produces the strongest light with the wavelength of 473nm, followed by green at 532nm and yellow at 635nm. Red produces the weakest light at a wavelength of 650nm. You are reminded to decide the color based on your needs. Besides, if you need LED light, you have to look for pointers which come with strong LED bulbs.

Step 2: Decide the style of the pointer

I am sure you wish to be the best presenter among all, especially when you want to close a big deal. Besides, you want to be stylish too. When you are selecting a pointer, you need to ask yourself whether it best represents your image or not. It must be able to increase your confidence level too. At the same time, you need to make sure that it is light and comfortable for you to grip. It is important for you to try the pointers personally at the shops before you get yourself one. Purchasing a pointer online is not encouraged unless you have tried using it before.

Step 3: Find out the types of batteries used

Besides the physical appearance, you are reminded to check the batteries used for the laser pointers. Some pointers require uncommon type of batteries and yet the price of the batteries is expensive. As a smart user, you should avoid those pointers because you will face problem if you fail to get the batteries. You are reminded to look for pointers which require common batteries because it will be more convenient for you to replace when the batteries die.

Step 4: Read reviews from other users

If you have friends or family members who are using laser pointers, you are encouraged to ask them for recommendations. Besides, you can search online to find out the reviews from other users. By reading the reviews, you will be able to know whether certain brands of laser points are worth buying or not. You will be able to share some useful information with other users. You can also avoid yourself from buying low quality pointer.

Although the price of a laser pointer is not expensive, we need to make sure that we choose the best one for ourselves. It plays an important role in making our business a great success.

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3D CAD and the Professional “Wow” Factor in Graphics Presentation

3D CAD may be impressive to lay people, but interestingly the real enthusiasts are the professionals. They understand and appreciate the work, and most importantly they also appreciate the achievements. 3D CAD has become more than just a tool. It’s now a professional asset, a personalized palette for talent and ideas. 3D drafting software is a unique class of software, in which the entire design, down to individual elements is showcased.

3D CAD- Working with the new frontier

The development of this software has been entirely driven by professional demand, which has greatly expanded its reach and capabilities. It was originally a basic graphic design display function, and became a design tool in its own right almost immediately, because of the clear value of its ability to provide a full set of data regarding three dimensional designs. 3D CAD is now the leading edge of design innovation technology, used for everything from medicine to interior decoration, and it’s now indispensable in construction design.

The new frontier in design is based on an entirely new paradigm which 3D CAD has created. Design aspects now include:

4D simulations
Risk management
Supply chain
Project management
A typical construction project will include all of these elements within the basic information schematic created by 3D CAD. It is an unparalleled design tool, and it’s still evolving very rapidly.

Custom design- The designer’s paradise

For the top construction designers, 3D CAD has been a blessing. Custom design, complete with full presentation and reporting functions, is now standard capability for the world’s best designers. A building can be designed from the ground up, incorporating all the required features. For engineers and architects, 3D CAD is the most efficient design tool for dealing with both macro and micro design elements in a construction.

The result of this new ability has been an explosion of custom design. In commercial terms, 3D CAD could also be described as an economic phenomenon, driving innovation and the creation of new, superior design. In terms of the construction industry, 3D CAD is providing cost efficiency at the design and production end, and very high value business and contractual performance at the construction end.

Presentation- Making your graphic designs fly

The professional “Wow” factor in 3D CAD is an extraordinary phenomenon among designers. Professional designers appreciate design values, and understand the design process. The “Wow” of appreciation in construction design is being generated by the fact that 3D CAD displays the design elements and factors so well.

Construction software is now a true medium for presentation. This strong level of appreciation from within the design profession is a good indicator of how well 3D CAD presents graphically. All the best 3D CAD software is designed to produce excellent quality images, and for presentation in multiple formats.

Formats include:

Stylized plans
Web media and digital TV
Business analyses
Graphic art
3D CAD is reinventing and reshaping the oldest design sciences in the world. This is the future’s software, and the “Wows” are just starting.

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What Should a Metrics PPT Presentation Have?

Metrics, also known as standards that can be measured, are used to keep track of the effectiveness of the company’s objectives and goals. Even for the decision making process, the results of metrics are considered before coming up with plans and decisions for the company. The use of metrics PPT presentation would aid all members in the management system to fully indentify what is going on in the company, how well it is going, how you can tell if the company is doing it well, and how you let other people know you are doing it well.

The presentation for all kinds of metrics must be simple and relevant to the business issues. Since there are various metrics, like efficiency metrics, performance metrics, strategic needs metrics, mission effectiveness metrics, security metrics, and more, they must all be presented in an interesting and persuasive way. There are some companies or managers who are first timers in considering these metrics-related issues in their operation system. The PowerPoint presentation is easy to manipulate and deliver since all you have to do is play the slides automatically or manually. If the type of metrics is new or it is the first time to be incorporated in the system, the management must be impressed with the presentation in order to get that much-needed approval.

The metrics to be presented must be worthwhile for the entire business operation so metric guidelines are vital. First thing you need to include in the presentation is quantifiable information, such as numbers. These numerical figures can be in the forms of percentages and averages. Of course, metrics present a way of measuring so relevant data must also appear in numbers, and thus, should be measurable. In this way, your presentation of the metrics would be reliable and tangible. Second, the metrics presentation must give the appropriate reason why it is useful in keeping track of performance and resource allocation. The presentation must show the audience why metrics are important to performance check on employees as well as the distribution of resources. Remember, the management must be convinced on the effectiveness of the presentation. And the third is the presentation should include pointers on how metrics can be readily acquired from multiple processes.

This tool in measuring things inside the business firm will be worthwhile and a reliable way of troubleshooting any management inefficiencies. In the typical PowerPoint presentation, you may include animations as well to make your audience get the feel of what is being discussed or presented during corporate meetings. You can also make your presentation show how measurement can evaluate everything that is going on in the company’s performance, as well as the quality and efficiency of their employees.

Since the business world is fast-paced and is constantly changing, management teams and other people responsible in keeping track of the ins and outs of the enterprise must make use of every material provided by the technology, like PowerPoint. This technology tool can make everyone’s job easier and more presentable. Metrics PPT presentations must be designed according to the information needed and must be useful in providing solutions to company problems.

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Presentation Titles That Fill the Room

You have the perfect topic. You know exactly what you want to say. Now, you need a title that commands attention. What drives people to sign up for a workshop? Think about workshops or teleclasses that you’ve taken. What did you find compelling? Maybe you liked the topic – or realized it was something you needed to know. Maybe the title was so catchy you couldn’t resist finding out what else this presenter might have to say.

Be catchy, but be clear. Your title should make it clear what the audience will learn and why it is important to know this. At the same time, you won’t want to make your potential audience feel like they’ve gone back to school – remind them that learning can be fun.

Which of these would you sign up for?

Learn Money Management from A to Z

- or -

Financial Freedom in 10 Easy Steps

Planning and Designing a Workshop

- or -

60 Minutes Special – Using a One-hour Workshop to Build Visibility

In all four titles, the potential audience knows what they will learn, but in the second example in each pair, it sounds like they might have fun.

Keep your title short. If you need more than 10 words to explain what you will be doing, use a subtitle. One formula often used in creating book titles works well for workshops as well. The first part of the title is an attention-grabber; the second part – after the dash or colon – tells what the workshop is about. For example:

Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-free Productivity
The Breaking Point: How Female Midlife Crisis is Transforming Today’s Women
The One Thing You Need to Know … About Great Managing, Great Leading, and Sustained Individual Success

Here are some teleclass titles that make you want to sign up:

Reclaim Your Health and Look and Feel Your Absolute Best!

Building a Thriving Network Through Masterful Connecting

Create an e-Product Today (Yes, Today!)

Each of these could be a great one-hour workshop. And each is something that draws ‘em in.

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